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motorcycle insurance


We are pleased to be able to offer our motorcycle enthusiasts private insurance on their optional coverage based on an annual policy. This includes coverage while your motorcycle is in storage during the off season. Did you know that InsureBC, Beacon & Premier Marine are alternatives to ICBC on the optional Insurance? There is no need to purchase storage insurance separately. Ask Valley Wide Insurance in Abbotsford, BC, for a quote today. 

Note: if the principal operator is different than the owner additional information is required for the PO.

To save you time, we base your quote on a series of assumptions. Please confirm that the following statements are "correct" or "incorrect" before proceeding with your quote:

►No operator of the Motorcycle has ever had insurance declined or a renewal refused for any reason.

►No operator of this Motorcycle has had their driver's license suspended or cancelled within the last 10 years.

►This Motorcycle is not used for commercial purposes.

Motorcycle Insurance Form

Full Name
Phone Number
- -
Postal Code
Number of Operators
Date of Birth
/ /
Years with Motorcycle License
Years with Vehicle License
Years on road with Motorcycle experience
Name of Motorcycle Training Program (indicate if none)
Do you belong to a Motorcycle club and name of club
Number of at fault accidents in the last 5 years
Number of Violations in the last 5 years
Type of Motorcycle
Model of Motorcycle
Year of Motorcycle
Serial Number
Primary Operator
Engine C.C.Size
Bike Value
Does the Motorcycle have an Immobilizer or alarm- What type?
Trailer Value if Required
Riding Gear Coverage included is $1000- Do you require more?
Where do you store during Riding Season? Security Measures?
Where do you store during Off Season? Security Measures?
Value of Accessories added to bike?
Do you have a custom paint job? Value?